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We offer repairs, maintenance, upgrades, detailing  restoration and conversion. Having an equipment failure is one of the most overwhelming situations that can happen to a mobile groomer. Not only does this represent unexpected money to spend on the repair, but also the loss of revenues, rescheduling, and frustration on all sides. Due to a lack of reliable and comprehensive places to go to when in need of those services, we decided to take matters into our own hands. The Teknopet Team understands mobile grooming environment and the urgency of providing timely and quality repairs to busy mobile groomers. Teknopet is also building a new conversion, which should be ready in the second half of 2016. Please stay tuned for the big reveal and updates along the way, by subscribing to our newsletter in the footer of our web site as well as by following us on Facebook. This conversion will also be offered as a rental, so groomers can immediately resume working while their vehicles is being worked on. We do not promise the impossible, but we do pledge to care about you and your issues. We know how hard mobile groomers work and you have our utmost respect. We're a brand new company, but our team has decades of pertinent experience. We are looking forward to meeting and helping you! -The Teknopet Family

Puparazzi - Mobile Grooming Franchise

Do you want to be a part of a $60 Billion Industry? The Pet Industry is Booming and Puparazzi Provides a Great Opportunity for You.

Owning a franchise allows you to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Puparazzi offers a franchise opportunity that provides an established service backed by a fantastic brand. Our business model includes tested operational systems and a highly effective mentor program that focuses on your growth. The Puparazzi franchise offers an excellent opportunity to help you achieve your goals and become part of a the multi-billion dollar pet care industry, with a franchisor who is there to support and guide you every step of the way.


Puparazzi is a mobile grooming business that provides professional pet grooming services to customers at their location. Our professionals take gentle care of our clients’ pets in the safety of their home or office.

We understand that your pet is more than just an animal – he’s a member of the family. Knowing that he remains on his own 'turf' or in-home throughout the grooming process gives both of you security and peace of mind.

A trip to a traditional pet groomer is traumatic for many pets. The stress of being left alone, usually all day, and locked in a cage is very upsetting. Once they finally do receive the attention of the pet groomer, they are often treated roughly in an effort to finish as quickly as possible. In recent years, there have been numerous reports of inhumane treatment of animals at various grooming locations across the country. Let your pets stay home. We schedule a limited number of pets per day. This ensures that we can spend as much time and give as much individualized attention to your pet as he deserves. Learn more at our website.


Built On New Ford Transit Chassis and Shipping Immediately To Pet Groomers Everywhere! Granger, Indiana, June 11, 2015

The new Dyna Groom mobile pet grooming van is the second new model introduced by the company in the last 12 months. “We constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve” said Wag’n Tails President Dennis Gnetz, “and our Dyna Groom is one more prime example of that philosophy.”

The Dyna Groom van fills an important space in the Wag’n Tails van offerings, between the smaller Ultra Groom van and the diesel powered Endurance Sprinter models.

Wag’n Tails CFO, Chuck Perry commented “when Ford Motor Company stopped producing the E350 platform we employed to convert almost 1000 Pet Pro Vans, we were ready. We immediately introduced the Ultra Groom van built on the Dodge Promaster to fill that void in our lineup. It’s hard to believe that was almost a year ago.”

Perry continued, “We anxiously awaited Ford’s introduction of the Transit van and it was worth the wait! Our new Dyna Groom on the Transit is nothing short of Fantastic!”

The Dyna Groom Van is spacious with 6’ 6” of headroom, nearly vertical walls and it’s about 2 feet longer than the Pet Pro Van.

New features include Cree LED lighting technology to virtually eliminate shadowing, fully enclosed cabinetry, an available 2nd grooming station and all the other amenities groomers love and have come to expect in their Wag’n Tails vans like refrigerators, Clipper Vacs, battery inverter systems, stereos and much more.

“Our Dyna Groom van was a hit at the Barkleigh Intergroom Show last week in New Jersey and sales have already exceeded our wildest expectations” said Gnetz. “Our assembly line is loaded with Dyna Groom vans and we are producing them to meet heavy demand for them” he concluded.

Wag’n Tails grooming conversion lineup now includes 4 vans and a trailer to meet the needs of any mobile groomer in terms of size, price, comfort and efficiency.

Ford Motor Credit Company offers Dyna Groom financing packages with rates as low as 2.9% available to qualified clients and a secure, on-line application for financing is conveniently on the home page of the Wag’n Tails website

Tag Along Mobile Grooming Trailers

Long-time industry members, the Doggett's, have created a new brand of quality and affordable mobile grooming trailers. Their new Tag Along website is now up and running. CLICK HERE

The Successful Pet Groomer - Newest Book from author Ellen Ehrlich

For Mobile, House Call, Home & Shop Groomers


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up every day and see an appointment book full of cooperative, happy dogs and cats on a maintenance schedule with accommodating teamwork owners? Well, you can! All you have to do is read The Successful Pet Groomer.

Learn how to create the grooming business you have always wanted. Ellen explains how to groom most small dogs in in sixty minutes or less while you build the ideal relationship with your customer. Work happy, healthy, safe and smart!

The cover of the book reads: "Inspire, Motivate, Empower." Truer words were never written. It does not matter which direction in grooming you take, be it shop, home, house call or mobile, The Successful Pet Groomer covers everything from running and growing a business, health and safety, grooming tips, time savers and everything in between. The best part of this book is the appendix. Included are sample forms, waivers, price increase letters, owner tips and other resources including helpful links and websites. Topics include breeds, style, pricing, prep, bathing, drying and grooming tips.

Ellen has an endless amount of passion and enthusiasm for the grooming industry. Her desire to make the world a better place for groomers motivates her to write about the topic she loves best – grooming.

Ellen Ehrlich

Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions 4th Annual "Mobile Grooming for a Cause" during "Adopt A Shelter Dog Month" October 2012

Most Shelter Pets Groomed Contest
1st Place Award $2000
2nd Place Award $1500
3rd Place Award $1000
4th Place Award $500

The contest portion of the 4th annual Mobile Grooming for a Cause event is only available to current Wag'n Tails owners.

Greetings and welcome to the 2012 Mobile Grooming for a Cause!

According to the ASPCA and the American Humane Association, animal shelters in our country take in between 5-7 million pets per year.

The really heartbreaking statistic however, is that of those 5-7 million pets, between 3 and 4 million of them are euthanized every year because they aren't adopted by a loving family!

Over the first three annual events, Wag'n Tails owners have groomed almost 3500 pets during our Mobile Grooming for a cause event! That is an amazing number and you should all be very proud of that accomplishment.

And since we have almost 1800 vans out there, if everyone just groomed 2 pets, we could double that in one year!

Groomers tend to be a giving bunch and that number--3500 pets groomed--tells us that the Wag'n Tails family is a group of very giving, extremely generous and caring groomers!

Due to all your efforts, the last 3 Octobers have been great for our furry friends in shelters all across North America. Thank you all!

October is nearly upon us and we are calling on all of you once again. We know the mobile grooming business very well and we appreciate how difficult it is for you to make the time to help those shelter pets. Hopefully, you'll find time for your local shelter and help get some of these souls adopted by into a warm, loving home.

As with every year so far, this event will coincide with National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month this October with the goal of providing shelter dogs with grooming to make them so adorable they'll get adopted.

Wag'n Tails will hold up our end of the Mobile Grooming for a Cause event too. We will heavily publicized Mobile Grooming for a Cause and Adopt a Dog Month in October. We are hitting all the major media outlets all over the country as well as smaller, more specialized pet industry media.

A professional groom by a skilled pet stylist like yourself will do much, much more to get one of these pets adopted than a quick bath by a volunteer. You and your high level of expertise are the keys to getting them a home!

We will email each of you that choose to participate a complete kit of instructions on how to get the attention of your local media outlets. This kit will include a fill-in-the-blank press release for you to send out!

Once the event is over, we'll send you the official, suitable for framing Certificate of Participation in Mobile Grooming for a Cause and the 2012 version of the Mobile Grooming for a Cause participation graphics for your van.

Many of the participants reported adoptions on those pets after they were groomed. The vast majority of the shelter pets they did were basic bath and brush grooms to boot so they didn't have to spend a lot of time sprucing them up. Please look at your schedule and get on board with us in this awesome event!

How to participate
It's easy; just send a reply to this email with your name and your company name. When you respond, we will send you an email with complete instructions and your press release kit for local media.

Once a week or after you groom at a shelter, send me an email, fax or call with the number of dogs you groomed at each shelter. If you're playing in the contest, include the shelter name, phone number and a contact person there. The contest will be on the honor system but we will verify the winner's grooms before we award prizes.
Contest Rules
**All current Wag'n Tails owners are eligible to participate
**Cats will count toward number of grooms
**Groom count can include bath and brush dogs
**Shelters include public and private entities that house adoptable pets
**All final grooms must be reported to Wag'n tails no later than November 5, 2012
**Winners will be announced after all counts have been submitted and verified

To help us manage this process, please let us know that you will participate by Monday, October 8, 2012. You can still participate if you respond later than that date and you can still be in on the contest too but it will help us out if you respond as soon as you can.

We also want to say that we know how busy each and every one of you are so if you can only groom just one shelter dog, it will make a difference.

If you have an empty slot in your schedule one day or if you have a cancellation or a little bit of spare time please try to groom a shelter dog. All we ask is that you do what you can to help.

Thank you in advance to the Wag'n Tails owners that will be participating and as always, we want you to know that we appreciate your business and the trust you place in us every day!

John Stockman
Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions, Inc.

Classic Telephone Conference Call

Click to Listen to Dina Perry - 10/11/10

Hydrodog Employment,
Grooming Services & Franchises

New Sponsor of

Now is the best time ever to join the HydroDog pack! There is a huge demand for mobile pet grooming services in the United States. And evidence shows that the demand is growing. You can help meet that demand as a HydroDog franchise owner. The big blue dog gives you an obvious edge. The HydroDog salon is so unique and attention-getting that it is your number one source of marketing. People notice, laugh, wave and point as a HydroDog salon drives by or pulls into a neighbor’s driveway.

We have been operating in Australia since 1994. There are now more than 200 HydroDog salons roaming that continent. As a recent transplant to the U.S., HydroDog offers you the ideal opportunity to select the best territories here in America. You will benefit from complete corporate support to help you make your franchise successful. Systems are in place to guide your start-up and growth so you can realize your potential as a HydroDog owner. for more information.

Mobile Grooming Book by Jodi Murphy

Jodi Murphy is recognized as one of our industry's leaders. She is a speaker, contest judge and demonstrator, traveling nationally and internationally sharing her knowledge and skills.

Jodi has given countless seminars on mobile grooming throughout the United States and has now put all her knowledge and experience in this most complete book "Mobile Pet Grooming". This book covers all aspects of starting and maintaining a successful business. Jodi will discuss everything from selecting the right vehicle to sharing tips which will improve your grooming skills.

Over the past 15 years, Jodi has started and successfully operated three mobile grooming businesses in three totally different sections of the US - the south, the mid-west and now the northeast. After just a few months of starting up each business, she was unable to take on new clients and has had long waiting lists, thus allowing her to pick and choose her clients.

You will "ride along" and learn from her experiences over the years - the good and bad - that have made her into the accomplished groomer she is today. The information contained in this book is priceless. If you are mobile, thinking of going mobile, or even a shop owner, this is the book for you. Don't go mobile without it!

Some of the topics discussed:
Power options
Pricing your services
Routing and scheduling
Customer relations
Managing your clientele
Maintaining your vehicle
Grooming tips and techniques
Grooming styles for every season
Capitalizing on your clientele
Mobile vehicle tips
Expanding your mobile business
Grooming cats in a mobile unit by Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG and much more!

See for more info.

Wag’n Tails Awarded Membership in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Customer Assurance Program

Sprinter Vehicle Conversion Meets All of Mercedes-Benz Requirements for Approval on Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Chassis Modifications.

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC has granted Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions admittance into the Sprinter Customer Assurance Program after an assessment of their engineering modifications to both Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Sprinter van chassis.

Wag’n Tails is the only grooming van manufacturer to be approved by Mercedes-Benz to convert their hot selling Sprinter chassis. Wag’n Tails received notification of the approval in a letter from Walther F. Bloch, Engineering Support Manager of Mercedes-Benz, USA.

Bloch wrote “Wag’n Tails Mobile Pet Conversions meets all of the requirements to be an approved member of the Sprinter Customer Assurance Program. We wish to thank Wag’n Tails and their personnel for the cooperation during the review”.
“We appreciate the interest that their personnel expressed toward improved product quality and in meeting the requirements to become an approved member” Bloch added.

Dennis Gnetz, Wag’n Tails President said “In line with our lofty principles such as our listing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and all the other high level standards we hold ourselves to, Wag’n Tails went to considerable effort and expense to obtain Mercedes-Benz Engineering approval for our Endurance Sprinter grooming van. We are very proud of our engineering staff for a job well done”.

“We consider it mandatory to meet the highest standards--governmental or otherwise to demonstrate to Wag’n Tails owners and potential owners that we care about their safety and to deliver the highest product quality day in and day out. We are extremely excited to earn this rare distinction from Mercedes-Benz by meeting or exceeding the stringent and necessary guidelines they set forth” Gnetz concluded. See for more info.

New Hybrid Power Supply Option on Pet Pro Van and Pet Stylist Elite!

Significantly Reduces Fuel Use and Dramatically Increases Generator Life!

The inverter/generator system lets you maximize your fuel efficiency by selecting the power source that is needed for the task.

For example, there are 4 stages during the grooming process:

Stage One: Initial prep work (trimming nails, cleaning ears, doing pads, pattern work).
Stage Two: Bathing
Stage Three: Drying
Stage Four: Finishing Work

Out of all four stages the only time the generator is using fuel and adding hours is during stage three when a high velocity dryer is in use or when the air conditioner is used during warm summer months. These are the only appliances in a Wag'n Tails that aren't powered with the inverter because they require high amperage to operate.

Since the drying stage usually takes the most time, you'll have a generator powered, true high velocity dryer to be as efficient as possible. Time is money so why use an underpowered dryer and take longer to get the pet dry?

How It Works

The inverter simply changes 12 volt DC power from the batteries into 120 volt AC power so you can operate your lights, clippers and other appliances that plug into a wall socket.

This is the same tried and proven system we use in our famous Sprinter based Endurance grooming van.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this new inverter/generator hybrid power supply benefit me?

1. Fuel Savings: The generator consumes about to of a gallon of fuel per hour depending on the electrical load it has to carry. The inverter/generator hybrid will reduce the need for the generator by 50% or more depending on the A/C usage over the course of a year. The generator will use less fuel when it's running because it's supplying a lighter electrical load due to the other appliances being run off the inverter. Assuming a fuel savings of fifty percent translates into well over $10,000 saved during the course of a 5 year period at current fuel prices. All of this means the inverter/generator hybrid power system can fully pay for itself in about than 2 years on fuel saving alone!

2. Generator Maintenance Savings: Generators require routine maintenance. Every 150 hours for an oil change and every 450 hours for a tune up. Our average customer pays for an oil change every month and a tune-up every 3 to 4 months. The inverter/generator hybrid system significantly decreases the frequency of maintenance versus the traditional generator only system. This can cut your annual generator maintenance costs in half or more.

3. Increases generator life: If you are running the generator for half the time compared to a generator only system, it stands to reason that the life of your generator will double.

What is included with this optional hybrid system? The system includes the following items:

1. Xantrex 2000W Inverter--provides ample power when you need it.
2. (2) AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Batteries--totally maintenance free and last for years.
3. Expert installation--by our qualified electrical technicians.

Who will benefit from this inverter/generator hybrid system?

If you live in a climate that doesn't require air conditioner usage twelve months out of the year, this system is for you. Why? Because A/C units require the higher amperage power supply produced by the generator to run. Essentially, the less frequent you use your air conditioner, the more benefit you will receive in savings from this hybrid system. For example, someone that lives in the Florida Keys or Phoenix and uses the A/C year-round will not realize the same savings as someone that lives in a more moderate climate and runs the A/C less.

Can this system be added to an older Wag'n Tails Elite or Pet Pro Van?

This is certainly possible but may be cost prohibitive. In order to add this system post production it would require new wiring for nearly all appliances and outlets. This would involve removing much of the existing conversion walls and equipment and installing the inverter and batteries. The parts and most importantly extensive labor hours require to retro fit an existing unit would double the cost of this option compared to a new Wag'n Tails Pet Pro Van or Pet Stylist Elite. This inverter/generator option is much more cost effective to add during the production process when the unit is being built.

Want to learn more? Call us and we'll be happy to give you all the details!

Dennis Gnetz or John Stockman
Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions, Inc.

Go Mobile and Succeed Seminar DVD

49 Essays on Pet Grooming - New Book
Paramus, New Jersey

Ellen Ehrlich of Royal Canine Mobile Grooming LLC is announcing two exciting new products available for pet groomers.

This new book and DVD is an educational experience for every shop, home, housecall, and mobile groomer from the newbie to the seasoned professional. Ellen’s observations and ideas coupled with her practical and comprehensive advice on running a mobile grooming business is accessible to everyone. Both are filled with real-life experiences, full of insights and lessons learned that would benefit any pet stylist.
Ellen shares many helpful details and true stories in her folksy, fun style that she is known for. Her obvious passion and enthusiasm for the grooming industry is clearly evident and contagious. Her goal is to help YOU realize your dreams so that you can succeed in the wonderful world of pet grooming.

For more information or to place an order:

Dina Perry's Comprehensive Mobile Grooming Seminar Now Being Delivered Live Via Web
Highly Sought After Seminar Now Divided Into 8 Segments To Allow Attendees To Choose Areas Of Interest

Granger, Indiana, December 13, 2010
Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions, sponsor of Dina Perry’s Comprehensive Mobile Grooming Seminar decided to move it to a live webinar format to make it easier to get the information disseminated. The eight, two-hour long webinar series begins Monday, January 10, 2011 and concludes March 21, 2011.

“Many groomers want to attend Dina’s seminar but can’t get to us in Indiana or aren’t able during one of the trade shows” said Wag’n Tails Vice President, Chuck Perry. “The logical thing for us to do is to transform it into a series of live webcasts so that attendees can interact with Dina from their computers. Another plus is that attendees can select only the segments they are interested in. Mobile groomers provide convenience by going to the customer’s home so we felt it was only natural for Dina to do the same!” Perry added.

The webinar series is designed for anyone thinking about mobile grooming like new grooming school graduates, shop owners, business entrepreneurs and the veteran mobile groomer. It includes segments on the two most common areas where mistakes are made; routing & scheduling and pricing mobile grooming services.

“The live webinar series has broad appeal” said Dennis Gnetz, Wag’n Tails President. “We listened to the market and they told us what they needed. We were very happy to oblige them--we’re pretty famous for that. Because it’s live, questions can be asked and answered during the webcast as opposed to a DVD type format that allows no interaction” Gnetz concluded.

For all the details including schedule, segment descriptions and pricing, visit 

Dina Perry
Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions
Telephone Conference Call

Listen to GroomerTALK Radio
GroomerTALK Radio Shows Archive

We Recommend Listening to 3 Guests
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Dina Perry     Jodi Murphy     Ellen Ehrlich

Guest: Dina Perry, Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions

Founder, Dina Perry, has been in the grooming industry for over 30 years and has 1000's of hours working in mobile grooming units. She added mobile grooming in 1975 to her five salons. Since then Dina has expanded with a fleet of up to 20 vans serving a three county area. This high level of experience is evident in the design and construction of all Wag'n Tails units, including the company's new state-of-the-art mobile grooming trailers. Only the best will do. Dina was awarded "Groomer of the Century" by the professional pet grooming industry. Whether you are in sunny, humid Florida or cool, northern Michigan, Wag'n Tails mobile grooming conversion vans are built to take it. Need training? Dina founded one of the USA's very few federally accredited grooming schools, The Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology, in Lansing, Michigan. She is very active in the pet industry as a grooming competitor, judge and speaker at contests all over the USA. In 1994 and 1995, Dina was the coordinator for Groom Team USA and has never missed a European competition as coordinator, competitor or supporter. She has placed in competitions abroad, as well as in the USA. She now sits on the board of directors for Groom Team USA. Dina's son Dennis Gnetz has also spent many years in the grooming industry, operating the family's pet dryer company through his college years to help finance his education. He graduated with a marketing degree from Michigan State University. After college he worked for a fortune 500 Corporation consulting small businesses. His marketing background has proved invaluable in helping many groomers hit the ground running with their mobile grooming businesses. Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions has sold over 300 units to independent groomers across the country, providing a wealth of knowledge from years of experience. Wag'n Tails provides marketing materials and business planning guidelines to insure the success of their customers. "Grooming is my career. It's my life's ambition to make our trade one with respect and profitability." -Dina Perry
"The Mobile Grooming Industry"

Guest: Jodi Murphy, Jodi Murphy DVDs

Read Her GroomWise Blog

Jodi Murphy is a two-time Master Pet Stylist, a NCMG (National Certified Master Groomer) through the National Dog Groomers Association of America as well as MPS Meritus (Master Pet Stylist Meritus) through the International Society of Canine Cosmetology. She is a multiple Best All Around and Best In Show competitor. These titles allow Jodi to certify groomers to their master pet stylist status throughout the USA. She was a GroomTeam USA team member for four years and ranked within the top four pet stylist of the United States. Here are some highlights:

2002: Jodi held the number one position on GroomTeam USA.
2005: Jodi won Best American Groomer at Intergroom. She earned gold and bronze medals in Barcelona, Spain with GroomTeam USA.
2006: Jodi won Best American Groomer at Intergroom. She attained the World Grand Champion title in the Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions among 42 top groomers from around the world.
2007: Jodi won a gold medal in Milan, Italy with GroomTeam USA.

Thereafter Jodi turned to education and began sharing her knowledge and experience. She was also "passing the torch" to upcoming competitors. In 2007 she expanded her educational endeavors publishing a line of instructional and mobile operations DVDs. In 2008-9 she continued to expand the available library of DVDs. According to Jodi, "I am a National Grooming Consultant for the Andis Clipper Company. I am also a speaker and contest judge traveling nationally and internationally educating groomers here and abroad. I love to educate groomers throughout the world. I hold private workshops and training sessions to local groomers who want to perfect their skills." She is the owner/operator of The Puppy Spa Mobile Grooming in New Jersey. She was also an industry guest speaker and led Mobile Grooming Success seminars.
"Achieving Success in Mobile Grooming"

Guest: Ellen Ehrlich,  Go Mobile and Succeed

Read Her GroomWise Blog

Ellen Ehrlich is the author of Go Mobile And Succeed and 49 Essays On Pet Grooming and the creator of Go Mobile And Succeed – The Seminar DVD. She has appeared on Animal Planet as a guest mobile groomer, writes a popular blog on called Go Mobile And Succeed and is a Certified Feline Master Groomer. Ellen is also certified in CPR and Canine/Feline First Aid through Pet Tech. Ellen is a freelance writer, the winner of the essay contest Driven To Groom, an industry speaker, and was on the Honor Roll for a Cardinal Crystal Award for Journalist of the Year in 2010. In 2011, Ellen was nominated for two Barkleigh Awards – Up And Coming Speaker and Blogger Of The Year. She was also nominated for A Crystal Award for Mobile Groomer Of The Year. Ellen’s endless amount of passion and enthusiasm motivates her to explore and take advantage of new opportunities in the grooming industry. Mobile Classified Ads
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Great Starter! - Mobile Grooming Van 
Location: Georgia
Price: $15,000 OBO
Expires 5/24/17
Click Here
2012 Ford E-350 Wag'n Tails Pet Pro - 25,600 Miles 
Location: North Dakota
Price: $55,000 van only, %85,000 with business
Expires 5/20/17
Click Here
2008 Ford E-450 Wag'n Tails Elite Mobile Grooming Van - Only 45K Miles! 
Location: North Carolina
Price: $56,000
Expires 5/17/17
Click Here
Eye Catching Mobile Grooming Trailer 
Location: Florida
Price: $27,500
Expires 5/13/17
Click Here
2003 Mobile Grooming Trailer 
Location: Virginia
Price: $11,500
Expires 5/11/17
Click Here
2007 Hanvey Trailer 
Location: Virginia
Price: $12,000
Expires 5/11/17
Click Here
2008 Wag'n Tails Endurance Sprinter 3500 - Only 60,000 Miles 
Location: Ontario, Canada
Price: $47,900 (USD)
Expires 5/6/17
Click Here
2008 Chevy 2500 Express - Extra Low Mileage 53,300   
Location: Arizona
Price: $55,449
Expires 5/5/17
Click Here
2010 Wag'n Tails Mobile Grooming Trailer  
Location: Los Angeles, California
Price: $17,500
Expires 5/3/17
Click Here
2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Hanvey Van - Diesel - Great Starter  - REDUCED
Location: Delaware
Price: $28,000
Expires 4/29/17
Click Here
2007 Ford E-450 Wag'n Tails Elite in Great Condition  
Location: Florida
Price: $46,500
Expires 4/28/17
Click Here
2012 Hanvey Mercedes Sprinter Mobile Grooming Van  
Location: Tennessee
Price: $62,000
Expires 4/27/17
Click Here
2013 6 X 12 Double Axle Mobile Grooming Trailer - Fully-Equipped - Ready to Roll!!  REDUCED
Location: New York
Price: $12,500
Expires 4/20/17
Click Here
More listings below of other units
2006 Wag'n Tails Elite
Location: Washington State
Price: $44,500
Expires 3/24/17
2016 6 X 10 Mobile Grooming Van Never Used - REDUCED
Location: New Jersey
Price: $14,500
Expires 3/17/17
Click Here
More listings below of other units
2008 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 CRD Ton Cage Van
Location: Florida
Price: $ 24,500
Expires 3/16/17
2009 Deluxe Amber's Mobile Pet Grooming Salon - Room for 2 Groomers
Location: S. California
Price: $ 25,000 OBO
Expires 3/12/17
Click Here
Great Starter - Odyssey Conversion F250 Ford Econoline
Location: S. California
Price: $ 10,000 OBO
Expires 3/12/17
Click Here
2014 Promaster Wag'n Tails Ultra Groom Mobile Van  - REDUCED
Location: Indiana
Price: $ 69,500
Expires 3/10/17
Click Here
2013 Ford E-350 Custom Mobile Grooming Van
Location: Maryland
Price: $ 45,000 OBO
Expires 3/2/17
Click Here
More listings below of other units
Great Starter Van in Excellent Condition
Location: Illinois
Price: $12,000 OBO
Expires 2/26/17
2006 White Single Axle 6 X 10 X 7 Never Used
Location: Dallas, Texas
Price: $15,000
Expires 2/26/17
Click Here
2012 Wag'n Tails Pet Stylist Elite
Location: Montana
Price: $70,000
Expires 1/20/17
Click Here
More listings below of other units
Turnkey Mobile Grooming Business with Van
Location: Naples, Florida
Price: $10,000 OBO
Expires 1/19/17
Upscale Las Vegas Mobile Grooming Business with Wag'n Tails Elite
Location: Nevada
Price: $130,000
Expires 1/15/17
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2005 Wag'n Tails Pet Pro Van in Awesome Shape
Location: Oklahoma
Price: $35,000
Expires 1/6/17
Like New!! 2012 Wag'n Tails Pet Stylist Elite - Michigan - REDUCED - Owner Motivated to Sell
Location: Michigan
Price: $70,000 OBO
Expires 1/3/17
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Mobile Custom Conversion Grooming Motorhome - REDUCED
Location: New Jersey
Price: $55,000
Expires 12/25/16
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2000 Dodge Wag'n Tails Mobile Grooming Van - REDUCED, UPDATED
Location: Maryland
Price: $2,000
Expires 12/12/16
Brand New Grooming Trailers
Location: Texas
Price: $18,000
Expires 12/8/16
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2005 Dodge Sprinter Mobile Grooming Van
Location: S. California
Price: $20,000
Expires 11/27/16
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2015 Jayco Grooming Trailer
Location: California
Price: $21,000
Expires 11/18/16
Click Here
2008 Sprinter 2500 with Hanvey Conversion
Location: Alabama
Price: $49,999
Expires 11/12/16
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2009 Ford Wag'n Tails Pet Pro - Brand New Onan Generator
Location: Florida
Price: $46,500 vehicle only, or optional $65,000 with client list
Expires 11/11/16
2006 Wag'n Tails Mobile  Grooming Trailer - Great Condition  - REDUCED
Location: N. California
Price: $17,500
Expires 10/31/16
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2004 Wag'n Tails Mobile  Grooming Van
Location: Tampa Bay Area of Florida
Price: $38,000
Expires 10/27/16
2007 Sprinter Hanvey with Upgrades and Low Miles
Location: Arizona
Price: $35,000
Expires 9/24/16
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2001 Dodge Wag'n Tails Van - Great Starter 
Location: California
Price: $22,000
Expires 9/15/16
Click Here
2012 Cargomate Mobile Grooming Trailer 
Location: California
Price: $33,000
Expires 8/25/16
Click Here
2001 Wag's Tails Pet Pro Van 
Location: Maryland
Price: $20,000
Expires 8/20/16
Click Here
2004 Wag'n Tails Elite 
Location: Maryland
Price: $30,000 OBO
Expires 8/20/16
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Hydrogroom Mobile Dogwash Pop-up 
Location: Illinois
Price: $3,000
Expires 8/11/16
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Are You Looking to Start Your Own Mobile Grooming Business
Location: Colorado
Price: $18,500
Expires 8/7/16
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Mobile Grooming Trailer
Location: Arizona
Price: $7,500
Expires 8/7/16
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Like New 6 X 12 Mobile Grooming Trailer
Location: Georgia
Price: $11,800 negotiable
Expires 8/4/16
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Mobile Grooming Trailer 5 X 8 With or Without Generator
Location: N. California
Price: $16,000 with generator, or $13,500 without generator
Expires 8/3/16
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2002 Ford E250 Mobile Grooming Van
Location: Texas
Price: $6,000 firm
Expires 8/3/16
Turnkey Mobile Grooming Trailer - REDUCED
Location: California
Price: $4,900
Expires 8/1/16
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2010 Single Axle 5 X 8 Mobile Grooming Trailer 
Location: Washington State
Price: $12,000
Expires 7/29/16
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2010 Mobile Grooming Trailer - Great Condition - Well Built
Location: California
Price: $20,000 OBO negotiable
Expires 7/20/16
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Loaded Mobile Grooming Trailer
Location: Pennsylvania
Price: $ inquire for price
Expires 7/14/16
2007 Wag'n Tails Elite with Low Mileage
Location: Maryland
Price: $45,600
Expires 7/12/16
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2006 Wag'n Tails Elite
Location: Virginia
Price: $40,000
Expires 7/7/16
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6 X 12 Mobile Grooming Trailer - REDUCED
Location: Colorado
Price: $17,000
Expires 7/6/16
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2007 Wag'n Tails Van 
Location: Vancouver BC Canada
Price: $34,000 (US Dollars)
Expires 7/3/16
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2011 Mobile Grooming Trailer - REDUCED
Location: California
Price: $8,500 OBO
Expires 7/1/16
2003 Wag'n Tails Mobile Grooming Van and Business
Location: N. California
Price: $40,000
Expires 6/30/16
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picture coming AD2015-0079
Ford E350 7.3 Diesel with ONLY 80K Miles 
Location: Delivery Available
Price: $21,900
Expires 6/29/16
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2000 Ford 7.3 8V ONLY 66K Original Miles - New Conversion - REDUCED
Location: Delivery Available
Price: $23,700
Expires 6/29/16
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Reliable Mobile Grooming Unit 
Location: Texas
Price: $13,000 OBO
Expires 6/23/16
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Mobile Grooming Van - REDUCED
Location: Florida
Price: $15,000
Expires 6/23/16
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Well Built Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer - REDUCED
Location: So. California
Price: $18,500 OBO Make Offer Negotiable
Expires 6/21/16
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2007 Ford E250 Ultimate Groomobile Van
Location: Maryland
Price: $12,000 OBO
Expires 6/5/16
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2011 Grooming Trailer
Location: Idaho
Price: $6,500
Expires 5/27/16
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2007 Ford E450 Diesel Hanvey Custom Grooming Truck
Location: Miami, Florida
Price: $55,000
Expires 5/25/16
2002 E250 Mobile Grooming Van - REDUCED
Location: New Jersey
Price: $16,000
Expires 5/16/16
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2008 Dodge Sprinter with 2016 Conversion Mobile Grooming Van
Location: Florida
Price: $45,000
Expires 5/12/16
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2006 Wag'n Tails Mobile Grooming Van
Location: Texas
Price: $27,500 OBO
Expires 5/12/16
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2015 6 X 10 Mobile Grooming Trailer
Location: Arizona
Price: $6,800
Expires 5/12/16
Money Making 2006 Hanvey Mobile Grooming Van
Location: Pennsylvania
Price: $16,000 OBO
Expires 5/10/16
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Mobile Grooming Truck
Location: Pennsylvania
Price: $40,000 OBO
Expires 5/6/16
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2013 Wag'n Tails Pet Pro Van - View or Pickup at Atlanta Pet Fair
Location: Georgia
Price: $55,000
Expires 5/4/16
2003 Dodge Wag'n Tails Mobile Grooming Van 
Location: Texas
Price: $26,000
Expires 5/1/16
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DIY Mobile Grooming Trailer
Location: South Carolina
Price: $8,900
Expires 4/28/16
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